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NRCMCC rally 2012 photos by R swinton, (2012), - mins, Region 0, 0, DVD 04 , Photos taken by R Swinton of the NRCMCC 2012 rally

TRIUMPH 3rd edition - manuals and parts list, 1934 -1985, (2003), mins, Region 0, 0, DVD001 , CD with parts and workshop manuals for most model triumph m'cycles from 1934 - 1985

Harley-Davidson: The birth of the V-Rod, (2001), 52 mins, Region 0, PAL, DVD002 , Explores the assembly line in the factory; the technology behind the bike; and some of the colourful people that own Harleys.

The BSA double CD collection by Kim, the CD man, (2002), mins, Region 0, 0, DVD003 , 2 CDs which cover most models from 1945 to 1973, especially the 60's models and the final 1973 'Thunderbolt'. Also a few war-time and prewar models.

The Norton; 4th edition CD-rom collection by Kim the CD man, (2004), mins, Region 0, 0, DVD004 , CD covering the Commando, the heavy weight twins, light weight twins, the classic singles and the rotary.

Classic, Vintage, and Veteran Motorcycles, (2000), mins, Region 0, 0, DVD005 , I think its a collection of film and pics of Classic, Vintage and Veteran motorcycles.

A tribute to 100 years of Motorcycling, (2002), 55 mins, Region 0, PAL, DVD006 , Film of the Taylors motorcycles of Somerset get together of 200 of the most rare and exciting vintage and classic motorcycles on the road today. All working, all being ridden, and still cherished by their owners.

The John Britten Story - , (2000), mins, Region 0, 0, DVD010 , not sure, but I think it covers the development of the famous John Britten racer

World of Superbikes, (1993), 67 mins, Region 0, PAL, DVD011 , Covering the World Superbikes series - 'the glitz, the girls and the glamourous business of high speed machinery'. Kevin McGee, Carl Fogerty, and many others.

The Last Hurrah - from Beijing to Arnhem 2005, (2005), mins, Region 0, 0, DVD012 , A 3 month Adventure of 2 'older' guys riding classic motorcycles from Beijing to Arnhem in Holland. 'Penelope', a 1965 650cc Panther; and 'Dutch Courage', a 1954 Norton 600. Idiocy or Odyssey?

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